About Us

We are a responsible distributor of quality pesticides and equipments from well-recognized and reputable manufacturers from different countries all over the world. We share to the society exceptional products and services that address care concerns.

We are:

  • a provider of superior pesticides and equipments that gives real value to the customer and environment as well.
  • in an energized workplace and environment where highly motivated people have common objectives; an above board environment that develops creativity, cultivates abilities and provide opportunities for the people to realize their unique potentials.
  • Pycor's Inc., Channel Partner for Regions 1 and 3

  • To carry out trading business with customers and manufacturers with the highest standard of professionalism.
  • To contribute to the mitigation of pesticide applications to the environment by trading government-approved pesticides only.
  • To facilitate effective pest management and quality service through conscientious distribution of pesticides and equipments which is safe and environment friendly
  • Science house will be the most recognized distributor of quality pesticides and equipments in the North Luzon Region.
  • We will be respected and admired by the customer and manufacturer as we commit to the highest standard of professionalism.
  • We will contribute to the economic strength of the society and act as one of the motivators in nation building by providing environment case assistance to the Filipino indigent citizens.
Contact us at : Gopiao Bldg., Dolores Homesite, San Fernando, Pampanga
(02) 845-2848 / (045) 961-5299 / (0922) 836-0575 / (0920) 575-2287